Who is Haley Bell?

The Haley Bell Blessed Chair Foundation was founded in memory of Haley Bell, the granddaughter of country superstar Collin Raye. ¬†Haley died in April, 2010 after a life-long battle with undiagnosed neurological conditions. Haley was ten years old when she died. She was a constant source of light and hope to her family. Haley’s family took her everywhere that they could, whenever they went anywhere. This was only possible by having her in a wheelchair that was specially measured for her size, weight and fragile frame. Haley’s “Poppy”, Country music legend, Collin Raye wrote a song about his beloved granddaughter called “She’s With Me”.


In this beautiful tribute, Collin calls her wheelchair “Her blessed chair”. Collin and Haley’s mother, Britanny, were inspired to begin this foundation because they wanted to provide assistance to those in need so that they will not be prevented from the necessities that they were so greatly blessed with while taking care of Haley in her final days.